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The Crew

Pirate Fly Fishing Justin

Justin West

Justin grew up in Fort Collins, CO and studied Operations and Finance at University of Colorado, Boulder. He has been fly fishing and working in the industry for years, including a chunk of time in Alaska as a guide. At Pirate, Justin is the communications and numbers guy, and moonlights as our t-shirt model. In his boring life, he works in financial services. 

Pirate Fly Fishing Maddie

Maddie Bonthron

Maddie grew up in Conifer, CO and went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for Industrial & Product Design. She loves fly fishing for the beauty of being connected to the outdoors and the thrill of catching more fish than Justin. At Pirate, Maddie is responsible for all the design aspects and the amateur cell phone photography. During the day, she works as an Industrial Designer for a custom sign shop.